Frequently Asked Questions

What is difference between an Affiliate and a Super Affiliate?

Both affiliates and super affiliates refer customers to a brand's website with a desire to earn commissions. The biggest difference is that a super affiliate also invests time to refer other affiliates, thus earning commissions by building a team of affiliates.

What is the different between an Affiliate and a Super Affiliate Compensation Plan?

Affiliate compensation plans typical reward only the affiliate for referring customer sales. This referral is usually done by sharing a code with customers who can enjoy a 10-20% savings. A super affiliate compensation plan takes affiliate compensation plan elements, but adds more earnings potential which pay out by referring additional affiliates, who refer their customers.

What makes Gigfiliate a Robust Super Affiliate SaaS Platform?

Our platform puts traditional affiliate platforms on steriods. We include features from proven MLM compensation plans, however without all the complexity and stigma. In addition, our super affiliate platform integrates natively with the eCommerce shopping cart - so the super affiliate experience is second to none.