Robust Shopify + WooCommerce Apps

Our apps are not listed in the Shopify and WooCommerce stores for a reason. We found that the personal touch we offer our clients maximizes overall program success. We have decades of experience in creating effective compensation structures and we like to assist our clients with guidance and insights.

Installing our platform apps also typically comes with some level of customization as well. So we treat each client as unique vs a cookie cutter approach. This type of approach can lead to poor results and bad experiences. We're here to help!

Full Suite of APIs

The Gigfiliate platform has a fully documented suite of APIs. Our clients integrate our compensation plan platform with their e-commerce shopping cart using our app / plug-in and / or APIs. The approach is flexible and robust.

Our solution integrates into your native e-commerce shopping cart platform.

Affiliate app and plug-ins take your users away from your e-commerce platform, to their platform. This is not a great user experience. MLM systems say they "integrate" with platforms like Shopify, however they bypass the shopping cart and make your e-commerce platform basically just a presentation layer.

gigfiliate hybrid compensation plan platform powering the best super affiliate programs

System Touchpoints

Our goal with Gigfiliate is to keep integrations simple and seamless. Users should have a consistent experience with a robust compensation plan powering their earning potential.

  • Enrollments

    We track all Brand Ambassador enrollments, creating a "tree" of connections necessary for hybrid compensation plans.

  • Orders

    We track all orders referred by and related to enrolled Brand Ambassadors. Orders are either personal or customer orders.

  • Back Office

    We calculate accurate commissions based on your compensation plan design, then present that data back to Brand Ambassadors.

Commisions Payouts

Our APIs allow for integration with any commissions payout platform. From experience however, the majority of our clients export commssions data to a CSV file then upload that file to PayPal. Simple. Easy. Accurate.