Gigfiliate super affiliate keynote presentation by CEO Steve Raack

Gigfiliate's CEO: Keynote Speech from 2020 (27 Mins)

The Evolution of Our Super Affiliate Platform

Our vision for Gigfiliate started in 2017.  With deep experience in MLM compensation plan design, scaling digital direct to consumer brands and as an expert in affiliate marketing, Gigfiliate's CEO Steve Raack shared his as the CEO of Vitalibis, Gigfiliate's first client.

Steve gave a keynote speech right before COVID hit.  The video of the keynote speech did not turn out well, so while sitting at his home office, Steve recorded this video to share his innovative thinking regarding hybrid compensation plans.  While discussing these strategies with clients and colleagues, Steve began using the term "super affiliate" which has stuck and only grown in usage.

Super Affiliate FAQs

Although the term super affiliate is more commonly used now, many people are still looking for more information.  The FAQs page on our website provides a brief overview of the differences.


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